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Web design is a crucial aspect of how a business is perceived. It can portray professionalism, establish rapport, and exert the type of image a company wants its audience to associate with. Apart from its aesthetic purpose, however, web design goes beyond the visual aspect of a business. Many may think that aside from visual perception, not much else can be affected by a website’s design. In actuality, web design can correlate immensely with the metrics and effects of a successful online marketing campaign.


A website’s design has the power to make visitors trust or fear the legitimacy of a product or service. Factors such as “over the top” advertising, intricate and complex designs that are complicated to navigate, and even the layout of text and fonts can sometimes cause users to question whether or not they should trust the brand. On the other side of the spectrum, if the web design is too plain, it can give off a lack of professionalism. It is better to remain within the lines of being eye-catching but not obnoxious.

Perception of Content

When users visit a website, they usually seek helpful, informational, and reliable content. Web design significantly influences how content will be received, communicated, and absorbed. Suppose the design is not visually appealing and the first impression is not engaging. In that case, the web visitor is not likely to stay tuned for the entire content and much less become a recurring visitor.


The ever-changing trends in web design affect the efficacy of search engine optimization. While it is essential to be up to date with the latest designs, it is just as important to remember that the priority of any website should not only be a visual impact but establish a solid online presence for the business it is promoting.

Parallax scrolling web design is a perfect example of a type of web design that, although sophisticated, can have a negative effect on SEO. With parallax, a storytelling format is used in which the web visitor can browse an entire website by scrolling on a single page. This is a very user-friendly technique; however, it limits the terms that are eligible for use tremendously since, technically, they will all be displayed on the same page. An excellent alternative to this issue would be using parallax-style pages within a leading website style to use critical terms as needed.

Responsive design is a style of web design that works better while utilizing SEO Perth. With this design, visitors can view a website from multiple devices, including mobile and handheld, without losing the quality or having discrepancies in its performance. This form of web design is believed to be “the most SEO friendly,” as it allows both mobile and main sites to function under the same URL without splitting them into separate ones and having a negative impact on SEO.

Longterm Effects of a Well-Designed Website

Web design is more than what meets the eye, and spending adequate time designing a good website is a crucial step for business success. Web design is integral to branding, building trust, and employing professionalism. Furthermore, thinking more in terms of ROI, the more appealing, user-friendly, and informative a website is, the more likely it is to generate guest interactions that lead to solid leads and future customers.


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