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    Case Study

    Marine Products Manufacturer


    Our client is a prominent player in the international market in the Marine Leisure Industry and is recognized as one of the leading Designers and Manufacturers of boating accessories. Boaters worldwide trust our clients for their diverse boating needs due to their commitment to designing high-quality products with flexible applications, all offered at competitive prices. Starting with a basic DIY Bimini Kit, the client now boasts an extensive product line of over 1200 items, each meticulously crafted to meet their stringent standards of superior quality and affordability.

    Problems they were facing:

    1. Not getting enough sales from Google ads
    2. Not getting enough sales from their website and SEO
    3. Spending too much on clicks (Google Ads) with very little conversion
    4. Did not have transparency on their Google Campaigns
    5. Had little understanding about how it works and how to make it work
    6. No Exposure to Search Engines (Poor  SEO)
    7. Website was not well optimised for conversions

    Google Ads Strategy

    We crafted a strategy to improve their Google Ads. As part of improving their sales, we did the following:

    1. Restructured our campaigns and ad groups for both Shopping and Search, ensuring better organization and targeting.

    2. Optimised the product feed to improve the quality and accuracy of product data.

    3. Conducted ad copy optimisation to create compelling and engaging ad messages.

    4. Selected the most relevant target keywords for our products to reach our desired audience effectively.

    5. Added irrelevant keywords as negative keywords to avoid wasted ad spending on irrelevant searches.

    6. Implemented a retargeting campaign to reach customers who abandoned their cart or payment process.

    7. Tested different bidding strategies to optimise return on ad spend (ROAS) and maximize campaign performance.

    8. Monitored and analyzed ad performance regularly to make data-driven optimisations.

    9. Utilized tracking and analytics tools to measure the success and impact of our Google Ads campaigns.

    10. Collaborated with our marketing team to align Google Ads strategies with broader marketing initiatives and objectives.

    Overall Results

    We crafted a strategy to improve their Google Ads. As part of improving their sales, we did the following:
    Our marketing objective was to enhance brand visibility and drive sales through the effective utilization of Google Ads and SEO strategies, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability for our client.

    This comprehensive marketing campaign has yielded remarkable results, with sales experiencing an impressive Y/Y growth of up to 200% and achieving a ROAS of 15.39% M/M.

    Furthermore, our client witnessed significant advancements in their search engine rankings, with numerous crucial keywords securing top positions on the first page of Google, including several number 1 spots. These achievements validate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts in achieving our goals and further solidify our client’s online presence, generating substantial business success.

    SEO Strategy

    We crafted a strategy to improve their Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). As part of improving their SEO, we did the following:
    1. Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords for our business.
    2. Restructured and optimised the on-page content to align with the identified keywords.
    3. Upgraded the technical SEO aspects of the website for better performance.
    4. Implemented advanced on-page SEO techniques to improve visibility and ranking.
    5. Executed a high-quality link-building strategy to boost our website’s authority and enhance search engine rankings.
    6. Employed mobile optimisation techniques for an improved user experience.
    7. Conducted comprehensive SEO audits to identify and rectify any issues hindering search engine visibility.
    8. Engaged in regular monitoring and analysis of website performance to identify areas for improvement.
    9. Leveraged local SEO strategies to target relevant audiences within specific geographical regions.

    SEO Results

    Business Growth

    When our client commenced their campaign with us, their SEO and ads efforts were yielding only a meager number of sales. However, through our dedicated work, they have experienced remarkable growth, with sales increasing by three to five times through Google Ads and SEO. The campaigns we have implemented for them have delivered outstanding results, contributing significantly to their business revenue.
    Their success story showcases the tremendous growth achieved through our collaborative efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies. As a result, our client has witnessed a substantial boost in their overall business performance, solidifying their position in the market and driving increased profitability.

    If you need a strategy for your business, then feel free to reach out to us at 1800 SEARCH.

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