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    Could You Be Losing Up to 75% Of Your Customers To Your Competitors?

    This is how many of your prospects will never click over to Google’s 2nd page. So if your Website isn’t already ranking on page 1 of Google, or it’s just not getting you enough leads and sales, you may be in urgent need to fixing this important issue! Reading and evaluating data and making the right fixes based on this, could be overwhelming for most business owners. But no need to worry – you can have our specialist team with 15 year experience, in your court, in the shortest time. Not only will you get the right strategies to rank on Google’s 1st page with Search Engine Optimisation… But you will also be able to convert more visitors into quality leads and then into clients through SEO.

    High Performance Search Engine Optimisation

    Drive More Traffic At Less Cost

    Get more FREE traffic from Google by getting Search Engine Optimisation done.

    Automate Your Lead Generation

    Get leads from your website on auto pilot 24/7 by getting found on Google.

    Use Power Of Google To Grow

    We get your website on 1st page within 85 days and help your business grow.

    Results For A Bakery Business
    400% increase in Online Orders

    Data Driven SEO Melbourne Expert

    If you are looking for a result driven SEO Agency in Melbourne to get you ranking on 1st page of Google and other Search Engines then you are in the right place.

    You can find us in Port Melbourne and of course online, as we work with small & medium businesses. We can help you grow with complex implementation of strategic Search Engine Optimisation.

    With a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads & Social Media Marketing, you can benefit from our sharp and experienced Digital Marketing team, without feeling overwhelmed.

    Every step of the way during the Planning and Implementation Process, you will be able to follow through a clear plan perfectly tailored to your business, which is designed to bring you results, fast.

    Partner For Success

    No Guesswork For Your Business Growth

    Data Driven Marketing

    Tailored for ROI

    Conversion Optimisation

    Results Guaranteed

    Real Case Studies,
    Real Results, Real ROI.

    Your Partner For Success

    Result Driven SEO Agency Melbourne

    Results For A Mechanic

    ? 50% Increase In Business

    ? 100x Growth

    Results For A Landscaping Company

    ? From 0 leads pm to 300+ leads pm

    ? 200x Growth

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    "Steve Webb"
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    My business has been overseen by Murtuza and I'm very happy with the service. He replies promptly and things get done. They have taken the pressure off running my own business, leaving me to focus on my job without worry. Recommended
    “Puneeta Chauhan”
    Read More
    Murtuza has been God sent. Very helpful, very clear in his understanding of the project and then fantastic in the implementation. Did I say fantastic? Sorry, I meant to say, bending over backwards to deliver fantastic results. 2020 had been a very hard year and I don’t think any company would have supported their customers the way Search Marketing have. Kudos to you and your team.
    “John Cronin”
    Read More
    been with Search Marketing Group® for several years , Murtuza Ratlamwala looks after my account .He is always available to help with any questions ,great service !
    "Peter Bruce"
    Read More
    I have been dealing with Search Marketing Group® for over 12 months now for my website requirements and have found Murtuza Ratlamwala and the team to be highly professional, very responsive when required and at a fair price. Highly recommended.
    “Sally agranova”
    Read More
    Search Marketing Group® took over our digital marketing a little over Six months ago. I have been beyond impressed with the standard and customer support we have received from Murtuza and his team. They have taken the time to explain all aspects whilst also going above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied. I am really happy with the results as our business increased and would not hesitate to recommend their services.
    “Ron Adams”
    Read More
    Hi I have been using Murtuza for my Adwords & SEO and I,m so happy i made that decision about 3 month ago. My sales are through the roof and my advertising cost are down. I have tried a few different seo marketing companies over the years and have been burnt so its refreshing to deal with someone who works hard on getting results. So I highly recommend Search Marketing Group®.

    Ecommerce SEO Agency

    An account manager as a one point of contact is assigned to each campaign for everything.
    SEO is an investment of time and money. It depends on your industry and competition your business faces in the competitive marketplaces. There is much work needed, along with a lot of time investment to be able to achieve brilliant results. We analyse the market along with your industry before we can give you an accurate effect.
    At Search Marketing Group®, we’ve always worked with an array of clients from many different industries. Which means we understand several sectors and the challenges each face. As well as have a thorough understanding of specific industry competition and the competitiveness each faces with SEO keywords.
    As above, SEO is an investment of time. It’s a strategy which we build and grow over many months before the results will start showing. There are many factors such as competition, industry and authority, which factor into how long your SEO will take until you get results. As a general guide, it’s best to expect results anywhere from 3-6 months if not longer, and during these months your leads and website traffic will grow gradually.
    Our report consists of SEO rankings, Google Analytics, Google Ads, content generation, Social Media stats, a summary of the progress of the campaign.

    Work with a dedicated team that stays upto date with the latest SEO Algorithm changes.  As a boutique and affordable SEO Company in Melbourne, we work with you one on one to achieve the results you are looking for your business to grow.

    SEO is a complicated process that requires lots of research, testing, experience and technical expertise to keep your website upto date with the latest Google algorithm that changes approximately 600 times every year. Your business needs a dedicated team to achieve this or a locally based SEO agency that will work closely with you to keep your website upto date with the latest algorithm changes.

    Local SEO Company With A Proven Track Record

    Our potential and existing clients love the fact that they can come into our office, talk to the digital marketer directly working on their campaign and give a real picture of their business goals.

    We understand local markets and Australian audiences. More than that, we have the knowledge and experience to create a platform for your campaign to reach your desired targeted audience. By conducting an in-depth analysis of your desired demographics and formulating a blueprint, we will establish your brand and achieve your online objectives cost-effectively.

    Melbourne’s Expert WordPress SEO Team

    Today, many businesses have their sites built on the WordPress platform. WordPress has excellent benefits for website developers.

    It offers a fast and straightforward way to create a website. So, it won’t take you much time to have a WordPress site developed.

    But most importantly, your web development costs will reduce if you choose to build a website with WordPress.

    However, your WordPress site won’t work well if it’s not properly optimised for search engines. Our expert SEO team at Search Marketing Group® offer services for WordPress sites.

    Use the strength of our WordPress SEO services to achieve high rankings for profitable keywords and attract the right target audience to your business.

    We Offer a Full Range of WordPress SEO Services

    Identifying keywords for WordPress sites

    It’s crucial to pick the right keywords for your WordPress SEO strategy. Our SEO experts conduct keyword research for your WordPress site. We’ll select the best keywords in terms of competition, search traffic and conversion. And you’ll receive the keyword report list for your WordPress site.

    Work with WordPress site’s structure

    We’ll make changes to your WordPress site if needed. As a result, you’ll get a WordPress site with a search engine-friendly structure which impresses your site’s visitors and search engines too.

    WordPress SEO plugin installations

    Our professionals have years of experience in working with all WordPress SEO plugins. We’ll install all the necessary plugins on your WordPress site and perform all on-page optimisation tasks on it successfully.

    Creating SEO, friendly content for WordPress sites 

    Content optimisation plays an indispensable role in WordPress SEO. When done right, content optimisation improves your site’s SEO substantially. Our experts will optimise your site’s content in a way which gets you the best possible SEO results.

    Link building for WordPress sites

    Using the best link building methods, our WordPress SEO experts will help you earn high-quality backlinks for your site’s pages. We’ll help you attract backlinks from relevant websites of high authority. Such backlinks will generate quality traffic to your site and boost your WordPress SEO.

    Why Choose Us for WordPress SEO

    1. WordPress SEO optimisation is a critical strategy which requires specific knowledge, experience and tools. So, you may find it challenging to optimise your WordPress site to achieve high rankings for competitive keywords. Our professionals have vast experience in WordPress SEO, and they know what works and what doesn’t and have the time to dedicate themselves to your websites SEO strategy.
    2. Achieving customer satisfaction is our team’s number one priority. If you work with us, we assure you our professionals do their best to help you achieve high rankings, so you get the most out of your SEO budget.
    3. It’s also important to note we use only white bonnet SEO methods in our work, which is why our clients always achieve effective and long-lasting results in WordPress SEO. But most importantly, because we use ethical SEO tactics, your WordPress site will never get search engine penalties working with us.
    4. Search Marketing Group® provides our experts with modern online tools and constant training in WordPress SEO. So, our online marketing professionals have all the latest strategies and tactic knowledge needed to do SEO for WordPress sites in the best possible way.
    5. We provide all our clients with SEO reports each month. These reports include information on your WordPress site’s rankings for target keywords, the volume of search traffic and more. So with our SEO reports, you’ll find it easy to monitor your search engine rankings and measure your SEO success.

    On-Page SEO Optimisation Based On Data, not guess work…

    How optimised your actual website is one of the most crucial aspects that’ll help your business rank on the first page. When you come onboard, one of our first steps is to conduct a comprehensive on-page audit of your website. We look at over 100+ technical issues that may be holding your website back, below are some of the major things we look at:

    • 404 Errors
    • Redirection issues
    • Duplicate heading tags
    • Sitemap issues
    • Crawl budget issues
    • URL parameters
    • Conflicting content issues
    • Internal linking / SILO structures
    • Fixing missing alt tags
    • Duplicate content issues
    • Conflicting content issues
    • Missing keywords / LSI terms
    • Nofollow / Dofollow management
    • Over 500+ ranking factors looked at

    We then use advanced SEO tools such as Cora, Ahrefs SEMrush , Surfer SEO to analyse the top competitors on the first page and using this data we formulate a data-driven on-page strategy for YOUR website

    Technical SEO is now the most powerful SEO strategy in 2020. If your current or past SEO company wasn’t applying data-driven on-page SEO on your site, no wonder they couldn’t get you ranking on the first page.

    Keywords depend on the size of the website and also the campaign objective. A website that ranks for many keywords including competitive keywords and also longtails keywords, usually gets a big share of the pie of traffic in their niche. We offer our suggestion about the package after an initial consult.
    We offer full business hours support from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9Am – 5Pm.
    At Search Marketing Group®, we have worked with over 400 businesses and specialises in SEO. We have been around since 2012 and mastered the way Search algorithm works which has allowed us to rank thousands of highly competitive keywords for our clients on 1st page of Google. We are good at what we do and offer excellent support that a business need.
    Starting with a discovery process about your business goals and customers, we then go back to many highly reputed industry tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Majestic, MOZ, Google Keyword Planner, Google trends, Ubersuggest and many more to find the right words that your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours on Google and other Search Engines. We work together with our clients to find the most targeted keywords for them.
    Our team consist of Search Engine Optimisation Specialists, Google Ads specialists, Web Designer, Web Developer, Account Managers, Content Writers and Social Media managers.Our office is based in Port Melbourne.

    Local SEO Company

    Even if a business owner does not have a website that he has built himself, signing up for local maps gives a business owner a site to drive traffic to. He will also gain the benefit of being found on mobile devices that are equipped with map features (virtually all of them). The business can now be indexed by the major search engines and listed in the appropriate place alongside its competition. Once a website is built for the business, the local maps page can be linked, giving the website the ability to take advantage of the local maps application without implementing any new technology.

    Most importantly, potential clients will be able to find the business through a simple map search. They will also be able to view basic information about the business such as the proprietor’s name, the address and the phone number. Reviews may also be added to the local business page that will help to bolster.

    Google Maps Optimisation

    Here are a few more benefits of having your business successfully listed on the Google Maps – Potential customers or clients will know exactly where to find you and as a result, you’ll be able to appear at the top of search results, specifically for your service and your location. You will have the opportunity to add in opening hours, payment methods, contact information and anything else you may think is necessary.

    Benefits of Local SEO and Google Maps:

    Whether your business is in one or multiple locations, you can list each of the addresses and in order to stand out you are able to upload photos and videos to your listing. Adding categories, getting reviews to your listing & boosting the citation listings with the same address for your business on the internet will improve the exposure of your business. Whether you are looking to improve your existing listing or you want to create a listing for your business, we can help.

    How to Setup Local SEO using Google Maps:

    The setup procedure for each major search engine is a little different; however, the basic steps are always the same. A business first locates its address on the local maps program. The business then needs to sign up on the local maps program and identify itself. There will then be a short verification process that will ensure the person who owns the business is actually the one making the listing.

    The most important local business profile to have is a Google profile. First of all, it is free. Second of all, Google controls around 85% of all traffic on the Internet. Third, the process that Google uses is basically copied by Yahoo and Bing. If you can set up your business listing on Google local maps, then you can set up your business listing anywhere.

    First, navigate to the URL  . Click the “Get on Google” button in the top midportion of the screen. Type in the name of the business to see if Google has already identified it. If it is already identified, simply create a Google plus page by clicking “ok.” If it is not identified, type in the appropriate information; check the box that says that you understand the terms of service, then create a Google plus page.

    If you want help with setting up Google Maps Optimisation, then contact us

    Melbourne’s Expert Opencart SEO Team

    OpenCart is the perfect online platform for building e-commerce sites for different types of businesses. You’ll be able to save time and money if you choose to have an e-commerce site developed with OpenCart.

    However, you’ll sell products and services successfully only if you effectively promote your eCommerce site. Which means search engine optimisation is the crucial element of your website promotion strategy.

    Our expert SEO team here at Search Marketing Group® offers world-class SEO services for Opencart sites. With our SEO strategies, you’ll enhance your OpenCart site’s SEO, attract targeted search traffic to your online store and boost the awareness of your brand.

    Opencart SEO Services

    Keyword research

    Firstly, we’ll do comprehensive keyword research and select the best key phrases for your Opencart website’s SEO strategy. When analysing keywords people use to search for your products and services, our experts carefully analyse critical factors such as search volume, competition as well as conversion. So we’ll create the best keyword phrase report for your business’s success.

    On-page Opencart SEO

    Our highly skilled and trained Opencart SEO specialists design a template for your e-commerce site and optimise it for your SEO requirements. Our experts will write title and description meta tags and streamline images on your Opencart site’s pages among other critical growth strategies.

    Content optimisation

    Our highly experienced content writers create original and engaging content for your Opencart site’s pages and optimise it richly and professionally with targeted keywords.

    Link building

    Using the most effective off-page SEO tactics, our specialists will help you attract quality backlinks to your Opencart site. This strategy enables you to achieve top search engine rankings on search engine pages for keywords your business targets.

    Why Us for Opencart SEO Services

    1. We specialise in white at Opencart SEO services. Which means our SEO experts don’t use illegal search engine optimisation methods which bring damage to your website. We help our business clients achieve effective and long term results.
    2. Our Opencart SEO experts have experience in doing search engine optimisation for different types of businesses. Our skilled digital marketing experts would be happy to develop a cost-effective Opencart SEO strategy which works for any business.
    3. Search Marketing Group® is a team of highly professional SEO experts, graphic designers, web designers, web developers, content writers, usability experts and online marketing professionals. So, we’ll be able to help you with any of your Opencart SEO needs.
    4. Search Marketing Group® provides Opencart design and development services. We can create an Opencart site for your business and optimise its pages for search engines. Or, do you already have an Opencart site and want to improve its rankings? Either way, our Opencart SEO experts are always ready to help you. We can do SEO for your existing Opencart site and boost it as well.
    5. We’ll continuously monitor your Opencart site’s rankings and provide you with monthly SEO reports. So, you’ll be able to see how your SEO strategy is working and make changes to it if necessary.

    Search Marketing Group® is looking forward to helping with any of your Opencart SEO needs. Get a free

    What are backlinks (off page seo)?

    Whenever another website or blogger hyperlinks to your website, this is called a ‘’. Essentially, when another website links to you, Google considers this as a vote of confidence in your business. Generally speaking, the more votes your website has, the higher you rank in Google. We help you get these backlinks through ethically sourced, white hat methods that Google loves.

    Google was founded on its ability to use backlinks to determine the most accurate search result to its searchers. To this day, link building is the second-half of every successful SEO strategy. It doesn’t matter how well your website is optimised, if you’re not actively acquiring backlinks from relevant authority websites.

    Here’s the truth. Effective backlink building costs money, in 2020 businesses are willing to spend $200-500 to acquire just a single link. That’s why off-shore SEO companies don’t cut it anymore (not that they ever had). The $100 per month you’d pay them won’t even cover the cost of a single good quality link.

    That’s where we come in. We’ve built out systems and SOPs that enable us to acquire 100s of high quality, powerful and relevant backlinks for your website without having to spend absurd amounts per link. Because we’re doing this on a mass scale, managing hundreds of clients, our cost per link acquisition comes down to a fraction of what it costs your competitors.

    That’s how we’ve managed to get our clients to not only come out of nowhere and achieve the first page in a matter of months but they’ve actually surpassed their competitors who’ve been doing SEO for years.

    Keeping Your Business A Step Ahead

    Every year Google makes over 500 changes to their algorithm and how they rank websites in Google. We study, test and collaborate with SEOs world wide to keep YOUR business on top of the ever-changing SEO landscape.

    With us you won’t be caught off-guard when Google disrupts the playing field and causes many of your competitors to drop in the rankings. With our white hat, safe and ethical approach to ranking sites, our clients have continued to prosper despite Google making numerous algorithmic changes.

    Time to Take Action

    Ready to take your business to the next level? If you’ve read thus far then you’re serious about growing your business. Most businesses hesitate where it’s crucial. Speak to our team and let’s get your business generating leads today.

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