Combining Conversion Rate Optimisation and SEO: The Why & the How.

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Do many online marketing companies get into the debate about which strategy is better to improve online conversion rates: old-school search engine optimization (SEO) or highly adaptable conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Both strategies are essentially the same in the increase of conversions, albeit in different ways. CRO aims to increase the number of online visitors into becoming paying customers. SEO is used to achieve high rankings in search engines through keywords that match a user’s search.

As you noticed, both are made to convert online traffic. But why would marketing companies use one when combining the two would lead to a higher and more successful conversion rate for websites?

That is why it is essential to bring the two strategies together. SEO brings people to your website; CRO ensures visitors have the best online marketing experience and entices them to become paying customers. Combining the two will increase online traffic and establish a loyal customer base. To ignore such a combination would be considered a failure.

But how do you successfully combine the two? Effectively integrating SEO with CRO is quite simple.

  • Speed Counts:

    In this fast-paced age, people don’t have patience. Your website must load quickly and effectively. Be careful not to overload it, as search engines will not load up slow pages. It is a fine balance, but it is crucial.

  • Understand your keywords:

    You must understand the “why” of your online traffic. Why are they coming to your site? Keywords are the factor here in determining that understanding. An effective landing page, which serves as the entry point for your website or for a particular section of a website, can determine the potential of a client’s intentions.

  • Use keywords wisely:

    The aim of bringing in online traffic is to make sure those users are part of the “right traffic” – users searching for your products or services. It is imperative to dissect and decide which keywords are going to be the most effective in bringing in active customers. Learn and test which words will work to complete a conversion.

  • Focus on products or services:

    Focusing on a particular product or service will not only improve site rankings on searches but also increases the conversion rate. This strategy works well when you promote more than one product and if those products are not competing against each other. Focus each page on one specific product, and that way, your visitors will get what they want, and you will get that conversion.

  • Make that conversion simple:

    Ensure your website is easy for your customer to make a call to action. It should be clear and straightforward so that it leads your visitors to the next step of the buying process. Streamlining your website’s navigation, too, will help with increasing your conversion targets.

  • Don’t ignore being social:

    It is at your peril to discount the influence of social media. Make sure you put more effort into your social media engagements. It brings in more traffic and more conversions.

  • Test the success rate and analyse where to go to next:

    Your aim should be to assess what SEO techniques are working alongside specific CRO proficiencies to see what is working and what isn’t. It is a matter of trial and error to determine which combined technique will ensure you maintain high traffic while seeing those numbers being converted.

There is no perfect formula when combining the two. The online marketing industry is constantly changing, and it is essential to always keep up with the latest trends. The strategies should be both sustainable and flexible.

SEO Sydney and CRO strategies are only as good as you craft them, so combining technical elements with interactions will make you happier clients. SEO gets users to your website; CRO makes them stay, convert and come back. Don’t miss out on using both.

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