How To Avoid Google From Indexing Duplicate Versions Of Your Site

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Having a website to represent your business in Australia; helps to brand and market your company among the massive online community. Once the website is up and ready, the next challenge you will probably face is having duplicate versions. If by any chance, other webmasters have duplicated your website (particularly the content), there can be annoying consequences. Once Google tracks the duplicate content, your Webmaster Tools account will get a notification.

What Is Duplicate Content?

Suppose a particular content appears on more than one web page that is considered to be duplicate content. This duplicity can happen in many ways; webmasters can copy a specific section of a web page or the contents of the whole website. These contents may contain the same Meta description and titles too. On the other hand, some webmasters in Australia use automated translations of current content that belong to another webmaster. All of these instances are considered to be duplicate versions.

What Impact Does Duplicate Content Make On Your Site?

Now that you know what duplicate content is, it is time to see what sort of an impact it can have. Duplicate versions of your website can create multiple impacts.

The most terrible result of having duplicate content is getting a lousy SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. In the worst-case scenario, however, your website can end up penalized by Google. This is a nightmare for any webmaster considering the enormous competition out there in the market.  Such an approach may dilute your efforts to maximize your SERP rankings.

So How Do You Go About Avoiding Duplicate Sites?

The consequences of duplicate content are annoying; you are not likely to gain the expected revenue for your business via your website. So, it is always better for any webmaster to know how to avoid duplicate content.

If someone has copied and published your content on their websites, you may be able to take legal action against the particular party. However, such legal action can be performed only if you have obtained copyrights for the content you already have on your website. You can also correspond with Google and ask them to renounce the duplicated content. After finding duplicate content, you can use Google’s Legal Removal Request Tool to submit a legal request.

As a wise webmaster, you should share your web pages directly on social media platforms as much as possible. While generating good organic traffic to your website, this approach will help social media to index your content as original and outrank the duplicate content using Social Signals.

When creating content for your website, you should avoid spinning software at all costs. Hire someone skilled to generate content for your website if you don’t have the required writing skills. Make sure that you update the content on time to have fresh content, which Google loves.



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