How To Create Landing Pages – That Convert

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Having a remarkable landing page that converts isn’t as easy as you think. It requires a certain amount of planning and creative execution. We covered the fundamentals of creating the framework for building a landing page but haven’t discussed what happens when the page is up and ready. Here is what you should do to make a successful converting landing page:

Make It Easy To Convert With A Call To Action

The Call-To-Action should be the thing that makes the landing page. It should also be the easiest thing for your audience to do. You have to make your call to action, whatever it is, simple for your audience to engage with and, most importantly, convert. Get it simple with tags like “Get Quote,” “See Prices,” or “Learn More.” The more accessible and precise you make it, the easier you turn them into customers.

Don’t Overload With Questions

When it gets to converting your audience into a customer or a follower, you have to ask for details. Big tip here: don’t ask for too many details; it turns the audience off. Email, name, number, and questions vital to the offer should be the only ones that matter. People don’t want to be overloaded with pointless questions because a) they don’t want to share every bit of information with you, and b) they don’t want to waste time. If you have gotten your audience to your landing page, make it simple for them to get the offer. Making it more complex will just send them the other way.

Keep It Clean & Uncluttered

One of the problems that many people do with landing pages is that they overwhelm the audience with either a) too much information or b) too confusing a website layout. A landing page should be simply designed – slick, flawless, crisp, and straightforward. The navigation should be easy to follow, and the website design should be so easy that they merely click the button and they’re done. Leave it clean and uncluttered, with only the message you want to sell being out there.

Engaging Content With Interactivity

Do you know how you are going to keep your audience on your landing page? Having copy that engages them. Boring, dull, lifeless content will only turn off your audience and get them to go the other way. Have a catchy headline, a simple format to read, and a detailed but uncomplex description of the purpose of your landing page. You want to explain why they are here and what benefits them. A helpful tip: break it down into the three major subsections of “what we have to offer you,” “why it benefits you,” and “how to get it.”

On top of that, you can add Web 2.0 features to make it more engaging and to provide a layer of interactivity for your audience. Include a video on the product or service you’re offering so it is simple for your audience to understand. A graphic that breaks down the benefits or images of the expected outcome. All these features will go a long way to convincing your audience to click that convert button.

Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

In today’s age of mobile phones, not having a landing page that converts to a mobile form is a death sentence. You are missing out on a large amount of your audience if you do not have it converted.

By following these steps, you will be able to have a landing page that makes a difference for your business and your campaign. If you need help with your online marketing campaign, contact Search Marketing Group®.

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