Link Building. Why It’s Detrimental If You’re NOT Doing It

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Link building is essential to build a long-lasting and robust SEO campaign. Unfortunately, many people do not see it as a necessary factor in their strategy. This means you’ll gain a competitive advantage if you do it for your business.

As experienced professionals at Search Marketing Group®, we believe in using link building to help SEO campaigns. The benefits are evident and essential, including:

Establishing your online authority

Becoming an online leader can be done with link building. By publishing reliable and high-quality content on fellow highly used sites relevant to your business and industry, users will quickly see your brand as the leader of the pack, thanks to the trust in these sites. This tactic leads to more referrals and more conversions.

Stronger Brand Visibility

The more links you establish, the more visibility your business will gain. More and more users will see your brand throughout these sites, increasing the chance for greater brand recognition and more direct organic (free) traffic leading to your site.

Dominate Your Search

Google uses the quantity and quality of inbound links (amongst other things) to help determine which pages rank higher. It wants to assess how strong the authority of your domain is, and it measures this by counting the number of relevant links to your website. The more invested you are in your link building, your rankings will go higher.

Referral Traffic

We touched on this above with your online presence leading to more referrals from users. While having higher rankings does help you with your ROI and conversions, traffic is vital here. Referral traffic will help you get those conversions, and as you continue to focus on link building, you will notice them continually rising.

Long Term Investment

Compared to traditional paid methods such as Google Ads, link building is designed to last the distance. It’s a long-term commitment because as long as the link and its connection to the page remain active, the visibility and possible referral traffic stay active too. Once you commit to investing in link building, stick to it because the payoff is worth it.

5 Effective Local SEO Link-Building Tactics

After dealing with clients over the years as an SEO specialist, you realize many people have little clue about how SEO gets implemented on their websites.

Most people think SEO link building involves using tools for spamming a website or creating hundreds of pages all over the internet and linking them to your site.

This fact isn’t actual if it gets done correctly.

Link building plays a large part in the overall SEO campaign of a website. Still, the complexity behind implementing SEO strategies can find and build quality links rather than quantity. And Google favors quality over quantity.

In the SEO Sydney industry, the quality of links used to rank clients’ sites creates your competitive advantage, and if you’re one of our clients, then you’re in good hands.

Below are the types of link-building we implement for our clients to achieve fast, safe, and long-lasting rankings.

Local Directory Listings

While local directories are a great source of backlinks for your site, there are quite a few low-quality, poorly designed, and spam ones. The trick is finding high-value directories and getting your business listed. Another advantage of local directories is that they’re an excellent source of direct business leads.

Press Releases

Getting your site ‘out there’ can be as simple as letting people know you’ve entered the online market. There are many high-quality press release sites out there, some paid while most are free. Press releases are a great source of high-quality and clean links for your website. And don’t forget the massive benefit of increased branding and exposure for your business.

Guest Posting

No matter your market, there’s always a high demand for high-quality content. Most popular blog sites in your industry will allow guest posts, meaning you write up material that will benefit their readers, and in return, you’ll get free exposure to your business and many backlinks too. Furthermore, Google loves this.

Local Citations

TA citation is an online reference to your business. Its name, address, and phone number. While technically, they aren’t considered backlinks, they are an essential factor in Google’s search algorithm. The more citations you have mentioned about your business address in your local area, the better.

But how does Google identify a site deserves the top spot?

If your business address is mentioned often in your local area, Google equates this as a signal that you’re a trusted business in your region, pushing you higher in rankings for your area.

Leverage Local Relationships

There’s nothing Google loves more than a super geo-targeted local backlink.

What does this mean?

If you’re trying to rank for service in Melbourne, you’ll want to get as many backlinks as possible from Melbourne businesses. If you have local business partnerships or even something as simple as sponsoring the local soccer club, request a backlink from these relationships because they’re some of the most exclusive and authoritative links you can obtain.

The link-building tactics you’ve read above are the most effective measures of obtaining high-quality links to your website.

The team at Search Marketing Group® hopes you now have a better idea of how links get built to increase your business.

But keep in mind this article covers the link-building part of SEO, but a complete SEO strategy includes much more than merely building links.

Do you build links for your business?

Let us know in the comments below.

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