SEO Made Simple: What You Really Need to Know

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a huge topic today. This is because the internet is so essential for businesses of all kinds, and increasingly so. The global opportunities for everyone online and the competition are significant. This means the stakes are higher than ever, and the importance of effective SEO is impossible to overstate. That’s the first thing you need to know.

Imagine what happens to a small sweet shop in Melbourne when a supermarket opens just down the road. It’s tough to compete, even by selling specialist goods, and the first thought might be that shutting down is the only option. Yet, with a good website utilizing powerful SEO strategies, social media and mobile phone integration, and plenty of links to other local businesses, the shop will certainly be able to compete. If a browsing visitor is notified on one of their apps that a sweet shop is there, they are more likely to be interested. The power of online and mobile visibility is often far more potent than the physical presence of a shop.

Great Content:
Producing great content is the most important when working on search engine optimization. Without great original content, you fail the task, as the search engines such as Google or Bing will know there are better places to send people to. Once you have regular optimized content going onto your website, however, you become the ‘place to be’ in the eyes of the search engines. Also, your visitors are more likely to be impressed by what they see. You don’t want to wander off into ‘black hat’ SEO, which creates ‘spammy’ pages that customers wouldn’t want to see and search engines end up blacklisting. You want to build good, wholesome ‘white hat’ SEO, which builds your website and business for the long term.

Include Off-Page:
Another vital realization is that there is both on-page and off-page SEO, and you need both. On-page SEO Melbourne includes everything a visitor to the website will see, such as headlines, content, and page structure. Off-page SEO is about all other variables that interest the search engines, such as social networks, related websites and links to yours, and the searcher’s history. The more you consider these variables, the more you think like the search engines, therefore giving your website much more potential.


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