Social Media Marketing Best Practices For 2020

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If you’re like most people, then you’re on one or several social media platforms. And, several times throughout the day.

Hundreds of millions are active users of Facebook, Instagram, and more. So, here’s how social media marketing will affect your business.

Social media marketing has significant impacts on your business. There are several reasons for this – most importantly, it allows e-commerce owners to have access to the personal information of their clients and potential customers.

Millions of people are on social media websites, meaning their emails, telephone numbers, and preferences are shared with third-party businesses. As a result, social media websites can target content to suit the interests of distinct groups of targeted people.

Email Marketing

Emails are one of the best ways to target content toward individual customers. When someone buys from an online store, they usually provide the business with their email address. The company then has quick access to contact customers and turn them into repeat ones.

Business owners can send emails to their customers and potential customers when they have items that might pose an interest. Selling products this way helps to increase their sales and generate more conversions.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to use social media marketing. Business owners can create web pages for their stores. This means customers can keep in touch by following recent news, products, posts, and updates.

Businesses can also sponsor ads that pop up on the feed of people in proximity to the store. Or to potential target audiences who might be interested in the products. If someone likes many clothing stores, for example, a person who owns a clothing store can get this information and target these consumers with sponsored ads.


Instagram is being used more now than ever before. Business owners are creating accounts to expand their reach across the app. And there are many extensions available to connect Instagram to websites. These extensions provide an account’s followers with direct access to businesses’ websites, which means it’s easy to access for them to shop directly online.

Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and coupons get widely used online. This tactic is an attractive marketing strategy for businesses that want to pull more customers and generate more conversions.

Discount codes and coupons have a specific time frame to get used, creating a sense of urgency in consumers. This means they’ll get the impression if they don’t buy the products now at a discount, they won’t be able to later.

These discounts and coupons get targeted through social media websites and emails. Businesses who use Facebook and Instagram will share the discount codes on their socials to ensure they get as much reach as possible.

Social Media Techniques To Master For Success

Social media marketing is expanding rapidly in Melbourne, and with millions of users, it’s critical to use them for your business’s marketing.

However, if misused, it can negatively impact your business. And remember you can’t control everything published on social media. Still, there are a few critical changes which businesses can do to market themselves more genuinely, to gain the right kind of attention.

Setting clear campaign goals will help you establish long-term success

One of digital marketers’ most common mistakes is not having content goals before launching a campaign. It’s essential to define goals and to make sure analytical tracking gets set for each campaign purpose. It’s also wise to mark out and communicate objectives from previous campaigns into the planning process of current campaigns.

Target the right audience makes the difference

Even if you are producing the best content, it’s pointless if you’re not targeting the right audience at the right time. By making this mistake, you’ll be missing out on numerous opportunities. So ensure to track cookies and pixels to reach out to people who have visited your site or sent you emails.

Take your social marketing strategies beyond and see how it excels in your business.

Engaging social media users helps you connect with your audience on a consistent level

Even though you might be a pro at how to use social media for your business, there are different strategies. Just posting things will not be beneficial at all; you need to comment on posts, respond to inquiries and find ways to communicate with your audience. By doing so, you become a well-known name and a part of their thought process.

Producing genuine, beneficial and engaging content helps continue your relationship with your social followers and gain their trust.

Campaigning on social media is innovative marketing, but repeating what you have to say more than a few times isn’t right, and will leave people uninterested in what you have to offer. Take time to write up useful posts and reply with individual comments – this shows people that your commitment and you have a passion for what you do.

Picking diverse channels for communication can help you reach various customers.

While it is only natural to pick out the most common social media platforms to advertise on, it’s a decision that won’t yield results in the long run.

If you’re aiming for a specific audience, then go to the socials where this group of people gathers, so you can regularly reach them.

Email campaigns seem ordinary, but they continue to be successful on all levels.

With the hype of using channels like mobile phones and social media, you shouldn’t overlook the positive impact email marketing has. It’s essential to use email as a form for targeting your audience.

How To Maximise Customer Retention With Social Media

Social media helps businesses retain customers and maintain an active line of communication with them. Which means every business owner in Australia should know how to make the best use of social media for the progress of their business.

Build Closer Relationships With Your Customers

Every customer fancies unique and individual attention from their favourite businesses. They don’t want to get treated as a reference number or an email address. With the help of social media, you can get to know your customers well and identify their key requirements.

There should be lively connectivity between your business and customers, and with a personalised approach, you’ll gain trust and commitment from your followers.

Identify Your Audience’s Best Social Media Platforms

There are various tools to identify the IP addresses of your website visitors and track the socials they mostly visit. Once the customers’ social media profiles get detected, you’re able to target them through the correct channels.

Build A Strong Social Media Presence For Your Business

Although it sounds obvious, a surprising number of businesses in Melbourne lack a strong social media presence. Some of these businesses focus on one social media platform and completely ignore the rest. Meanwhile, some businesses ignore or fail to promote their profiles enough which is detrimental because competition among the business profiles in social media platforms is immense. As a growing business, you must remember that the majority of modern customers prefer to reach you via social media.

Offer Solutions Through These Social Media Platforms

A considerable number of businesses still rely solely on conventional methods like call centres and emails to offer solutions for customer issues. Although there is nothing wrong with these methods, modern customers expect faster and easier alternatives such as social media. Therefore, if you plan to retain more customers, you should have a special team to respond to customer inquiries on social media platforms.

Encourage Customers To Share Your Content

Always have something fresh, relevant and useful on your social media profiles. Customers tend to share the experience they’ve with your social media profile (whether it is good or bad). So, always deliver the best for your customers, encouraging them to share your excellent work. And always maintain a friendly and professional approach when communicating.

And, finally.

What struggles do you have with your business socials? Please post in the comments below. Or share any other ideas which work for your business.

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