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Many years ago, Meta Tags were given exceptional prominence in SEO campaigns. Meta Tags consist of a textual representation of words and phrases. These phrases are intended to describe how the respective website should be listed in search results. Those days, Meta tags were recognized as an essential aspect of SEO. Therefore, website owners in MelbourneAustralia, paid a lot of attention to Meta tags.

Over the past period, the usage of Meta Tags has become extremely popular, and people practically abused it. As a result of this abuse, in September 2009, Google officially ignored keywords in Meta tags.

Now, every website owner in Melbourne must know that keyword Meta tags no longer create any impact on SEO – Google has officially announced it! Therefore, you should think of other methods to optimize your search engine rankings, such as integrating keywords within the content. The algorithms of all the search engines are pretty intelligent. They can identify how you use keywords within the contents and titles. So, as a wise website owner, you should inevitably focus on the page content and the titles instead of trying to have keywords on your Meta Tag.

What happens if you solely focus on Meta Tags…

Interestingly, many SEO professionals in Melbourne still hope to maximize their page rankings using keywords in Meta Tags. A surprising number of SEO companies in Australia still believe that they should plug keywords into Meta tags and optimize the ranking of the respective web page.

One of the significant reasons for SEO companies in Melbourne to use keywords in Meta Tags still is ‘just because the others do it.’ No matter how many people use it, you should avoid doing it if there is no use; it wastes your time.

Most people overdo SEO Melbourne campaigns, and Meta tags are no exception. As per the algorithms of the search engines today, if you spam Meta tag keywords, you will lose your current ranking. But what if you use the keywords “properly” in Meta tags? Will your SERP ranking go up? Not necessarily! Nothing will happen to your ranking even if you use Meta tags in the “proper” way.

What should you do when it comes to your Meta-Tags? 

Give up the misconception immediately. Meta Tags have nothing to do with SEO, and Google has officially announced it. The time you spend and the money you invest in promoting your website on a SERP with Meta Tags is an utter waste.

The best approach is that you should rely on professional content creation and perfect keyword integration into websites. If you focus on a method that doesn’t work, your competitors in MelbourneAustralia, will easily take you over. Therefore, rely on contents and titles instead of Meta Tags.

Don’t hire someone to do the “Meta-Tag thing.” Invest in a good article or a blog writer to maximize the meaningful textual content within your website and drive organic traffic toward your website.



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