The Importance of Creating a Brand Voice

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When you implement digital marketing into your business strategy, there are many different things to remember and different marketing areas to focus on.  Most companies dish out a lot of money to create brand awareness for their business so anyone can easily recognize them. Plenty of companies do everything they can to ensure that their products or services are promoted on all popular channels.  But one big mistake that most companies make is to fail to create a brand voice.

What is your brand voice?

Your brand voice is how you say and talk about things and how people talk about you.  Your brand voice is one of the most essential parts of your brand since it communicates your values, beliefs, principles, and way of doing things to the audience.  Your audience also recognizes your business through your brand voice.

Why is a brand voice so important?

Your brand voice sets the tone for online marketing and can even set the tone for your company’s vibe. When your brand voice is out of tune, your business image can easily sustain damage.  According to statistics,81% of Facebook audiences will stop following your business or un-like your page if your brand voice isn’t steady. It is also true that 97% of e-mail marketing content is immediately marked as spam because the brand voice in e-mails is too generic or if the voice isn’t stable.

Why is it so hard to create a perfect brand voice

Creating a brand voice for your business is like creating characteristics for a fictional book character.  The audience immediately identifies the fictional character and knows what to expect from the surface. The same goes for your business.  Your brand voice creates an identity for your company.

It is already hard enough to create an identity for a materialistic entity like a company, but your brand voice should also be in tune with your customers.  The way you talk about your business and communicate with audiences should match the general vibe or preferred communication vibe of your audience with regard to age, gender, culture, and more.  For example, the brand voice of business-to-business companies tends to be goal-oriented, focused, and professional. The brand voice of business-to-consumer companies can be more focused on fun and adventure, kind of the way Coke promotes to its audience.

Brand voices can also vary between business types within a specific sector.  Different company-to-consumer businesses will have different brand voices based on their services.  A good example is your local bank compared to a local fashion store. The bank will have a much more professional and business-like brand voice, while fashion stores are much more focused on style, image, and look great and can be a lot more casual with regards to the content.

Tips to help you develop a unique brand voice

Creating a brand voice isn’t easy, but it is necessary if you want people to see your business as an individual identity.  The first thing you need to do is consider your services. Do you provide highly professional services such as accounting, or are your services more casual, like accessories and gadgets?  The next thing to do is to consider your target audience. What are the age and marketing preferences of your target audience? Youths prefer a casual approach, whereas seniors prefer a professional approach.  With these factors in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a good brand voice that suits your business and audience perfectly.

The right brand voice makes engaging customers and capturing their attention easier.  It might even be wise to use a professional digital marketing company to help you establish your brand voice so you can build your company on a solid foundation.

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