The Psychology of Font in Marketing

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Multiple factors go into marketing. We might not realize it, but anything from the font to the ad’s color impacts whether we decide to buy a product or sign on with a company.

If you’re wondering about the effects of the font in marketing, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide, you’ll see everything you need about the font.

What Does Font Say About Your Brand?

The font you choose will determine which impression people have regarding your brand. If you choose a bold font, your brand will appear more robust and aggressive. That said, not every brand wants to have this impression, which is precisely why you should pay attention to your font.

If you own a company that aims to empower people, then you’re going to want to choose a bold font. You might also want to select a font with a serif, which we will describe later.

If you have a tranquil company that promotes peace, you might not want to provide the impression of boldness. Instead, you could go with a more delicate font.

Serif vs. Sans Serif

Serif fonts are fonts that have little ‘tabs’ on their letters. This font is used when the lettering is smaller because the extra tabs on the letters allow people to read them more easily. In comparison, sans serif font will look smudged when it’s too small. The letters will seem jumbled together, and because there are no tabs on the edges, it’ll be hard to tell one from the other.

Sans serif fonts are used more for bold and significant titles. That’s because when they’re bigger, they’re easier to see, and these fonts create more of a confident look.

You should consider using serif fonts to create more detail in ads or brand names. At a regular size, this font creates clarity and is easy to read. Depending on the message you want to send your customers, this could be the best fit for your brand.

Examples of serif texts include the following:

  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Palatino
  • Garamond

Sans serif texts, on the other hand, include the following:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Tahoma

Fonts and Colours

The color of your font will also have a lot to say about your brand. If you have a blog, for example, black might be the best choice for you. That said, you can use specific colors to emphasize the impressions you want to leave on your readers.

If, for example, you want to provide your customers with a feeling of passion, you should consider using red for certain words. If you want to create a sense of calm, on the other hand, you should consider using the color blue.


There is a certain psychology in marketing. We can impact how our customers perceive us depending on which fonts we use. As a result, you might want to use serif and sans serif in different circumstances.

Serif fonts are probably the way to go if you want something that can demonstrate detail. Depending on the font, these can be used to create delicacy. On the other hand, Sans serif fonts are great for anyone who wants to add some boldness to their brand. If you need help with your choice of font, contact the brand marketing experts at Search Marketing Group® today.

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