Achieving soaring ranks on the world’s number one search engine, Google, is a dream for many SEO Melbourne specialists. Still, with each passing day, Google is trying to ensure that only the best authentic and safe websites are available to internet surfers. Websites that do not meet Google’s SEO requirements are then penalized without any prior warnings.

To do this, google has introduced many algorithmic updates and is now launching updated versions to keep a check on the millions of websites that have mushroomed in the past several years. This is not limited to just one country or a city like Melbourne; instead, Google carries out these updates all over the world.

Take penguin update as one such example. It was the second algorithmic update that followed the Panda update. The Penguin update was launched in 2013 and was more effective in recognizing and eliminating corrupt and invalid websites. These websites are then penalized without the owner’s knowledge. If your website gets penalized by Google, you can only know if you observe a sudden decline in the number of visitors that your website had previously been getting.

Checking for penalties in a penguin attack is different. You must check for keywords that you have been using for building backlinks. It is indeed true that if you have more backlinks, your website will get more prominent, but certainly, website owners will try to trick Google by using dubious backlinks. The penguin algorithm immediately catches this suspicious activity and, in turn, penalizes it.

You can protect yourself from such an attack in the following ways:

  • Maintain a healthy Backlink profile: Google Penguin update usually checks for backlinks that are bogus and eliminates them. To protect your website from any such attack, check your backlinks and get rid of false ones.
  • Check your keywords list on Search Engine Result Page: Constantly observe your website’s keywords that are bringing your audience to your platform on a SERP. If you observe a minor drop in website visitors, your site might be on the Penguin update’s radar.
  • Generate fresh content: ‘Content is King,’ said Bill Gates in 1996, now seems appropriate, keeping in view Google’s demand for new, updated content. Google loves to analyze fresh and genuine content. The SEO Melbourne content on your web pages is responsible for piling in an audience. Make sure you constantly update your website with new content every once in a while.

These steps can save you from Google’s punishment. Still, if the Penguin update has already attacked your website, another similar strategy should be used to recover your website. Recovering from a Penguin attack is possible, but it takes time.

  • You will need to create a database of all the links on your website; this can be done using tools such as Google Webmaster.
  • Analyze the good links from the bad ones and try to remove such unhealthy links.
  • You can remove bad backlinks by using the Google Disavow tool. As listed by the website, the disavow tool is a tool the website owner uses to request a Webmaster remove invalid links spamming their backlink profile. By doing so, website owner reduces their chances of getting attacked by the Penguin update.
  • After thoroughly cleansing your website, a reconsideration application is sent to Google, which will reinvestigate the matter and lift the penalty if your website is free of spamming links.

Recovering your SEO content not just in Melbourne but around the whole world is a complicated business. While optimizing your website for Search Engines, ensure you do not overstuff your content with keywords and keep the use of unnatural links to a minimum. Taking just a few careful precautions can save you the trouble of going through a penalty imposed by Google.