Why Short Form Videos are the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

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We live in a world of content saturation, where abundant media and information is constantly available at our fingertips. Digital consumers want content quickly; they want it frequently, and– most importantly– they want it to be engaging.

(If it’s not, you can bet your last dollar that it won’t garner the attention you’re after.)

But not all is lost because there’s a way to create brief, captivating digital material that can boost your online presence to the next level. Our proposed solution is short-form video production (i.e., the “next big thing” in digital marketing).

From Youtube in the early days to vlogging to “stories” on Instagram and Snapchat, live broadcasting is popping up on every channel and for every purpose. As anyone who engages with social media has seen, the infiltration of videos on the web has only continued to grow since its inception. In an arena where digital strategy is constantly evolving, one must always stay on top of the trends while anticipating what is to come (which currently seems to be video content that encourages audience interaction).

Subsequently, a savvy marketer should understand why specific techniques start and stop trending at certain times, so let’s begin by analyzing the rationale behind the video phenomenon.

One reason video is doing so well now is that the platform insinuates trust and transparency. Some would argue that at this time, chaos (both in “real life” and online) is around every turn. Content is automated, governing authorities are unstable, the news is fake… Cultural consumers crave honesty and connection, which is what videos can provide. Whether it’s a “day in the life” video, a product review, or a TED talk, viewers value actual correspondence with real people, even through their screens.

Additionally, videos (especially in short form) allow viewers to absorb bite-sized chunks of information without much effort easily.  Why would someone read an article when they could watch a video instead? The latter option is typically more exciting and easier to understand, as many people learn best using audiovisual methods. Think of videos as the new infographic– a colorful, straightforward way to relay data and ideas.

Now, what are the personal benefits of creating video content? For one, they are an excellent bucket brigade! Videos increase time spent on your website, which will improve your Google search rankings (no black hat SEO Melbourne tactics required).

Videos are generally more likely to get clicks than static ads are, especially when viewed from a mobile device. If your videos are short enough, they can be the perfect source of brief entertainment for the consumer on the go.

Social media users share video content more than other posts. On all sorts of social media platforms (but mainly Facebook and Twitter), posts containing video hyperlinks are shared and commented on frequently.

Videos offer a high return on investment (ROI). Because audiences are more likely to watch videos than written content and click video links than article links, the bang for your buck is heightened by viewable media. When you invest in video marketing, you choose a greater possibility for reward.

To corner the video marketing market, look to long-form video platforms (like TV streaming sites) for guidanceTheir content tends to be brief yet episodic, which encourages “binge-watching.” It’s possible to create an environment for bingeing within your niche, even if that’s limited to strictly promotional content. Aim for plot-driven videos, question & answering sessions, or industry-related countdowns/roundups to get you started.

And start watching more videos for reference– plenty to draw inspiration from. Ask yourself which videos instantly capture your attention and determine if you can add elements of those to your concept. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re not representative of your target audience. Videos are one of the most far-reaching marketing methods. Establishing audience diversity and catering to different viewing preferences will help your campaign and may produce more shares or sales outside your intended market.

Consider short-form videos to establish your brand in the public eye and create a marketing campaign that sticks. The trends don’t lie– video content creation and consumption are on the rise, so strike while the iron is hot.

And for help with your next video marketing campaign, turn to Search Marketing Group®. We provide sound advice and direction for your web strategy to take your business to the next level.

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