How Smartphones Are Changing the Way Brand Loyalty Works

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Establishing brand loyalty is very important for businesses.  There are more businesses in the world than ever, geographical competition is faster than ever before, and all of these changes make it much more challenging for companies to capture and keep the hearts of their customers.

The smartphone age is once again changing the game when it comes to establishing brand loyalty with customers.  These mobile devices might seem small, but they significantly impact how business and marketing are done, and smartphones are even changing how brand loyalty works.

The smartphone is the perfect device to stay in touch with your audience and encourage purchases or boost customer relationships because this little companion is always with your customer.  The smartphone is always on, in your back pocket or within arm’s reach, and mobile internet connections are skyrocketing.

Just how many people are connecting via smartphone?

In 2016 smartphones officially overtook the internet because it was found that 51% of website visits were made from a mobile device like a smartphone or tab.  Since 2016, these figures have dramatically increased. 71% of adults now use smartphones to access the internet for various activities.

So how does this affect your brand loyalty?

Just because a client is using a different device for online shopping doesn’t mean that he or she will love your brand any less, right?  Think again! Smartphones have a significant impact on brand loyalty. Today customers want instant access to everything. They want to be able to shop instantly, get help instantly, learn more about your products, and much more.  The ability to be responsive has a tremendous effect on your brand and can significantly affect brand loyalty. Switching over to a different brand only takes a few clicks of a button. Suppose your customer is unsatisfied with how your digital presence functions on a smart device. In that case, you can bet that he or she is going to look for a company that offers better online information, which might just result in a complete brand switch.

Maintaining brand loyalty is about much more than just your website

If you think that it is just your website that needs to be optimized for mobile devices, then you are wrong yet again.  Businesses and well-established brands have much more than just a website to correspond with customers. They use several platforms, including the following;

Apps – Apps like shopping apps make it much easier for customers to browse available products, add them to the chart, and even check them out.  Apps also significantly boost brand loyalty because customers cannot simply switch to a different e-commerce store when viewing products through an app. They have to download and install another company’s app, dramatically improving brand loyalty.  The fact that 90% of online mobile traffic connects through apps instead of web browsers is also an excellent example of why apps affect brand loyalty.

Social mediaSocial media can be tricky because it can go both ways.  Customers can complement or shame your company on your social page. But this is still a critical interface for brand loyalty because customers feel they can reach your business much more accessible.  It is also estimated that 34% of customer complaints are removed from social media the moment the customer feels that his problem has been dealt with.

Smartphones have a significant impact on brand loyalty. If your company wants to stay ahead of competitors and maintain the loyalty of your audience, then you need to get on board with these devices.

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