How to Use Live Videos to Generate Leads and Sell

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With the ever-changing dynamics in the internet environment, more solutions are available for businesses. One such solution is maximizing your company’s sales through lead generation. This article will offers perspective in this respect.

Using Prompts and Teasers as Leads Generators

It is agreeable that live videos have proven to be successful in marketing. It thus makes it all the more important to use prompts and teasers to attract potential leads to your video. Come up with catchy phrases and ideal topics for your videos and see traffic build on your site and social media space. Now that you have an audience ensure that your video is interactive and enticing enough to make your audience stay to the tail end. You can then pitch your product or service at the video’s end. You should also incorporate qualifying prompts at the end of the video to allow viewers to respond. In doing so, your sales team will be in a position to identify strong leads to follow up on. The more interactive your video is, the more likely people will be interested in your product or service.

The Power of Discounts and Promotions

As with any sales initiative, promotions and discounts instantly attract consumers, potential or otherwise. At the tail end of your video or when you are engaging your potential clients, remind them of the offers you have in place. You could go further by giving freebies in the video. This way, you get to entice more individuals to your product.

Pitch Your Products in the Live Demonstration

Remember, the video should be captivating and not pushy. Therefore, when pitching your product, keep it simple. Make the video catchy too. Do not use a significant portion of the video to pitch your product. In doing so, you risk being pushy, which may lead to losing potential clients. The best approach would be to demonstrate the product on separate videos and then share the links to the videos with the viewers.

Record and Sell Your Live Video

A recording of your live video is beneficial to you and your viewers. Your viewers get to see what your product is about if they miss out on the live show. As the product owner, you get to reach out to more potential clients while generating revenue from the sale of your recording. Ensure that the packaging of the videos is suitable for you to maximize on this avenue.

Occasionally Hold and Charge For Access to Live Events

Holding several live events helps your company remain relevant to your loyal clients, and it helps generate more new leads. These events also present an opportunity to create more income. Creating a sign-up option on your site or any streaming services allows you to charge a sum and earn revenue from it. Remember, access to these live events is only granted to ticket holders, and this is good news for your firm.

Your Live Video Seeking Sponsorships for Live Videos

Once you generate sizeable traffic, approach sponsors for your live videos. This way, you introduce a new income avenue. It is good to mention your sponsors at the beginning of your live videos as well as at the tail end. Viewers do not always mind. However, let your viewers know that you would want to tell them more about your sponsors. It is equally important to disclose any affiliate links. This way, they appreciate your content.

Continuously work on your live videos, improve on them, and respond to the feedback you get from your potential leads. This will help earn you more while marketing your product.


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